Established in foamdarts and softdarts blaster related product modifications, the company provide 3D printing services using FDM and SLA printers, CNC milling services using materials such as wood, delrin, abs and aluminium and SLS Nylon services with premium Nylon PA 12.

Now, Black Raisins partner with World's leading 3D prototyping brands like BIQU and SLICE ENGINEERING. We are the representatives for these High-Quality and trusted brands for the Southeast Asia. Recently producing our own line of products in the softdarts sporting gears and apparels, 3d printing filaments and CNC machine.


Slice Engineering has been producing 3D Components that will SUPERCHARGE your 3D Printer. Update or UPGRADE your hotend, nozzle and other accessories with High-Quality Slice Engineering 3D printer's components and you have yourself a custom built.

Mosquito: The Professional Hotend

Expensive 3D printer with a cheap hotend? It’s the most important component in your 3D printer because its sole job is to melt the plastic into printable lines. A hotter hotend fixes that, and ours print upwards of 450 °C. Get a high flow rate hotend that uses the same Rep Rap style nozzle, but prints up to 30% faster. See the difference today. 

Mosquito Magnum hotend

Now you can churn out engineering grade plastics with incredible aesthetics. Made in the USA, Black Raisins is proud to be a partner of distribution in the Southeast Asia. Learn more here.


 Membership Programme

Introducing our membership program, BLCKRAISINS ACCESS, where members will be offered exclusive deals on Black Raisins catalogs and services.  OFFER IS LIMITED TO FIRST 50 MEMBERS ONLY. Learn more here.


For bulk orders and more enquiries, contact us at support@blackraisins.com

Educating the community

We value education in the prototyping world, the sponsorship programme and 3D prototyping programme are focus to grow the community. From product design to chocolatier, the possibilities goes beyond the ordinary when creativity calls for it. But having creativity alone is not enough, it's an ecosystem: generating ideas, digitalise using digital design softwares, chose the technology from fdm printer to mould making machine. Aspiring designers and makers will discover new ways of producing products with the advantages of technology.


Short classes are available for beginners to advanced users. Do contact us at support@blackraisins.com if you're interested. We hope to see you in our classes soon😊.