G.O.S. Bamboo Nite Darts

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G.O.S. Bamboo Nite Darts with glow in the dark tip. The bamboo shape foam body helps with a better travel after 10metres.

  • Dart weighs 0.7grams each.
  • Compatible with the GOS Pathfinder, GOS Pathfinder Pro and GOS Pathfinder Flywheel.
  • The GITD tip are UV sensitive, therefore it is great for tracer.

Compatible to QWK Challenger MK3, all springer and flywheel blasters.

Package options:  200pcs per box 

                              1000pcs per box

These are consumable items and sold without warranty. All Return Policy do not apply. Slight variance in length, shape, size and colour may occur. By placing your order, you agree to the terms of sale.

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