Worker Mod 18-Round Slanted Talon Magazine for Nerf Modify Toy(Authorised Reseller)

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 1.Compatible with Stefan Short Darts Blaster .
2.Cannot be used alone, it needs to be used together with the WORKER Talon Magazine neck.which can work on Stefan compatible blaster.
3.Integrated ultrasonic synthesis is more solid without screws, easy to carry, can quickly replace the Magazine, and the darts hold limit is 18 rounds.
4.Note: Do not burn with an open flame, only applicable to the Stefan compatible Blaster.

Model: WORKER Mod Talon Magazine Slanted
Process: CNC finishing
Package Weight: 0.12KG
Product size (mm): 277*47*20mm
Packing size (mm): 51*25*285mm

1x WORKER Mod Talon Magazine Slanted”


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