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ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is part of the thermoplastic polymers family. It is commonly used in 3D printing, and popular because it is easy to use and has some great material properties.

ABS is lightweight and has good impact strength; it is abrasion resistant and affordable. ABS material has a low melting point, which makes it a material that is not really adapted to high heat situations. However, this low melting point makes ABS easy to machine with desktop 3D printers, or during an injection molding process. 

The use of this material could help you lower your production costs. The physical properties of this type of plastic, like its impact resistance, tensile strength and stiffness, and its heat deflection temperature, are real advantages. It can also be used for mechanical purposes, or for its electrical properties.

ABS material has a good surface quality and is flame retardant. It is easy to glue and paint plastic products printed with ABS material, offering possibilities of customization.

This plastic material is for example used to create toys such as Lego. But it can also be used to print enclosures for electrical or electronic assemblies and sports equipment. This is an ideal material to manufacture low-cost prototypes and architectural models for engineers or research departments, as well as to create low-cost cost medical prostheses or material handling equipment. Many plastic end-products can be manufactured using ABS material. 

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