Diana Holster Switch Only
Diana Holster Switch Only

Diana Holster Switch Only

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This is the switch made for the new Diana Blaster Holster listed that enables the feature of cold mode in holstered and hot mode when draw. 

Q1: What is the hot-swappable function?

Al: Turn on the Diana’s hot start mode, and the flywheel starts in slow rotation both in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. Insert it into the holster equipped with a magnetic control kit and Diana automatically enters the safety state (flywheel stops). At this time, Diana will not respond (cold start) similarly in dynamic mode. After pulling out Diana, the cold mode is cancelled and hot mode is automatically restored.

Q2: What accessories do I need to buy to realise the hot-swappable function?

A2: Need to buy: Diana special quick-pull sleeve + nylon sintered magnet module + magnetron fast and slow machine board, three accessories can be installed in combination. If you have purchased quick pull, please buy again: sintered magnet module + magnetron fast and slow machine board, two accessories can be installed by yourself.

1 x holster switch. 


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